How to Ship a Car from United States to Germany

Shipping your vehicle from the United States to Germany should be a very simple experience with a reliable and experienced auto shipping company like Direct Connect Auto Transport. They will provide you with automobile shipping overseas and move cars with the utmost care.

How Does My Vehicle Get Transported?

A shipping carrier will pick up your vehicle on the mainland in the U.S. to the ship terminal. Your vehicle may have to wait in the terminal before it is shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, which is an additional storage fee. When your vehicle arrives at the ship terminal in Germany, you can either come to pick up your vehicle in person or have it shipped to your door – which is an additional fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Germany?

The average cost for a vehicle to be shipped to Germany is around $1,800 to $3,900 dollars. The range of prices will depend on the type of vehicle, type of shipping, weight and also where the vehicle leaves from and the destination it arrives.

What Type of Shipping Can I Expect to Germany?

The type of shipping that is offered is RoRo shipping or container shipping. Both are depending on your pricepoint and vehicle’s specific needs. There are both positives and negatives with RORO shipping and container shipping, but they both will get your vehicle safely to its destination.

What is Required to Ship My Vehicle from the U.S. to Germany?

All types of vehicles can be shipped on both RORO and containers from classic car shipping to SUV shipping. RORO shipping saves time and is virtually hassle-free. When you want an easy shipping method for overseas, this is a good option to choose. Vehicles roll on the ship, are secured on the ship away from elements and water damage. Many people choose this option since all of the labor is handled by port workers; there is no need to pay extra for outside help with loading, port delivery, etc. However, RORO shipping is not always available in as many global routes as container shipping and many small countries will not allow RORO shipping. With container shipping, you can go virtually anywhere globally. You can also bring personal belongings with container shipping, which you cannot bring with RORO shipping. The vehicle also does not have to be in running condition to be shipped and will give your vehicle more space. You have the option of an exclusive container or a shared container with another vehicle. Containers are better if the safety of your vehicle is a top priority.
When shipping your vehicle to Germany with auto transport companies, be sure to find one that is reliable and that has a great track record! With Direct Connect Auto Transport, we can get your vehicle from your location in the U.S. to your destination in Germany safely and efficiently!