Shipping your Vehicle: How to Prepare

Shipping your vehicle through the services of an automobile transportation company can sometimes prove to be a very discouraging process. The only reason for this is due to the fact that many people underestimate the importance of planning ahead for the experience. Most people won’t bother to look around and compare services and prices amongst the various companies out there. Once they do choose a company, people don’t realize the importance of communication throughout the entire process. Don’t fear; all hope is not lost!

To start, as previously mentioned, do your homework! The automotive transport industry is becoming increasingly competitive as the years go progress. This is actually an advantage if you’re looking to get your car shipped! The more competition, the lower the prices will be. If one company is offering an affordable price, the other companies will have to make efforts to follow, or they will lose out on business. You’re best bet besides calling the company and inquiring on specifics (prices, qualifications, services, etc.), is to hop on the internet. Browse through and try and read reviews that people have posted regarding their experiences with each company in consideration. This will assist you get a better grasp on exactly what type of service you’re looking at.

Once you’ve chosen the company for you, the next step is to figure out which type of transport you’ll be needing. There are two main types of automotive transport. The first is known as open transport. This involves a transport carrier that does not completely enclose the vehicles it is carrying. These transporters are usually easier to book, and are generally less expensive, due to the fact that they can carry larger numbers of cars and also, do not provide protection from the elements. The other type of transporter is known as enclosed transport. These trucks encase the vehicle with four walls, protecting the vehicles from virtually any type of damage due to outside forces (i.e. nature, vandalism, etc.). These trucks are usually harder to come by and generally cost a bit more money, due to their specifications. Usually, those people with classic cars or custom paint jobs will utilize the services of an enclosed transporter.

After you’ve decided which type of transport would best fit your needs, the time has come to communicate with the company you’ve chosen. The more information you’re able to provide them with, the less likely that you’ll experience any unwanted surprises. The information you’ll want to convey with them includes (but is not limited to): vehicle height, vehicle weight, vehicle width, ground clearance, vehicle accessibility (distance from main streets), and the running condition of the vehicle. This information will help the company match you with the most appropriate transporter.

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