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Know About the Types of Traffic Cones to Keep You Safe on Road

Just as there are many different names for traffic cones – including road cones, safety cones, traffic pylons, highway cones, and even witch’s hats – there are also many different types of traffic cones available as well.

As you may have gathered by the last name mentioned, witch’s hat, they have a shape that’s very similar to this; a cone with a square or rounded base.

Their purpose is to divert traffic in a safe manner, whether this relates to traffic on the road or on footpaths. They are frequently needed. After all, there is a wealth of reasons why traffic may need to be diverted; from a road accident to work taking place on manholes, it can be anything.

Most safety cones are bright orange in colour. This is because the colour is highly visible and thus there is very little chance that people will not notice them.

The main differentiation between these types of cones is there size. In general, you can opt for 500 mm (small), 750mm (medium), and 1000mm (large).

The smallest type of cone tends to be suitable for use in car parks or indoors. In addition to this they can effectively mark out any minor road works or site works.

The 750mm size cones are ideal for utilisation in car parks and for site works, nevertheless as they are bigger they are also suitable for factor use and use on public roads and pathways too.

And last but not the least, the largest type of traffic cone is the only one that is suitable for motorway use because of the fact that they are visible even from a great distance.

Aside from your standard orange coloured safety traffic cones, another important cone is the ‘no waiting’ version. As you may have gathered, these cones stop people from parking or stopping in certain areas.

This is bright yellow in colour – again the reason for this is because it is highly visible. They also feature an image of the no waiting sign imprinted on so that people are easily aware of the cone’s purpose. This is the blue circle with a red outline and diagonal line through the middle.

These tend to be available in 500mm only. After all, their use does not require them to be any bigger in size. They only tend to be utilised in car parks or on road sides. In fact, their most frequent use is when someone has reserved their car parking – these cones ensure that nobody tries to park there.

There are other variations of traffic cones; nevertheless the two mentioned are the most frequently used by a mile. It is not recommended to go for anything different. For instance, there are some safety cones available in lime green. These are only likely to confuse people because they are not used to seeing them, thus they will begin to wonder what their meaning is. Stick to the traditional orange for diverting and the yellow for no waiting zones.

To conclude, no one can deny how important safety cones are. They may be a simple product yet their use is highly effective and it’s certain that they have prevented a vast number of accidents from occurring.


This article sheds light on the various types of traffic cones available today in the market. These include safety cones and no waiting cones and various others that are used to indicate different purposes.

Author Bio

Alisha Smith is a road traffic manager who does freelancing as a part time content writer. She uses all types of traffic cones mentioned in this article on a daily basis and shares information about these here.

Top Reasons Why It’s Better to Hire a Fleet than Buy Your Own Vehicles for Your Business

As a business owner in Edinburgh or Glasgow (or in any urban area, for that matter), you have certainly invested a lot of your time and effort (not to mention your financial resources) into making your business grow. And now that it is finally on its way to success and expansion, you are probably thinking of buying or hiring a fleet of vehicles, and are still weighing your options regarding which one is the better choice.

Whilst it can be quite true that owning a fleet can give you some benefits, the benefits you can get from hiring a fleet far outweigh the advantages of owning your own fleet. With hiring a fleet of vehicles, you not only save your existing capital – you are also freed from worrying about vehicle maintenance and servicing, and you do not have to deal with old vehicles (which you do not know what to do with) in a few years.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the reasons why it’s better to hire a fleet:

No more depreciation

As we mentioned earlier, vehicles easily depreciate, especially after daily use. In a few years, you may have a fleet of vehicles on your hands which would be difficult to get rid of, and which would simply weigh you down. Not only can you save your capital for other expenditures that are essential for your company’s expansion – you will also save money in the long-term with a fleet hire.

A wide variety of vehicles to choose from

When you hire a fleet, you are assured of vehicles which are in top condition and which are mostly new. If you want the latest models in vans, for instance, then you can be sure to find it with the right rental company. If you have an impressive-looking fleet for your company, your customers will automatically have the right image of your enterprise as well.

No more maintenance expenses

Since you will be renting vehicles instead of owning them, you do not have to worry about the costs incurred for maintenance and servicing. This will be taken care of by the rental company, who will be responsible for all repairs and servicing. You will save time and effort as well as money, because all maintenance and servicing costs are usually included in the rental fees.

Better tax advantages

You may not be aware of this, but you can actually write off the payments you make for your lease and deduct it from your taxable income every year. You can even retrieve 100% of the value-added tax you have paid by making sure that the fleet of vehicles is used only for business purposes.

Making the right business decisions is crucial for the continued growth and success of your enterprise. And certainly, one of the best, most feasible decisions you can ever make is to hire a fleet of vehicles for your business – saving you time, money, and effort, and allowing you to make use of your financial resources in other lucrative ways. You can visit the website of a company like Pixorental to find out more about flexible fleet hire services.


Motorbike Licensing Laws Explained

It’s important to be aware of the licensing laws associated with owning a motorbike and being legally allowed to drive it; this can cover everything from the different stages of getting a license, as well as mandatory insurance requirements. Given the costs associated with owning a motorbike and getting a license, it is important to compare the market to save money on motorbike insurance, which can help you to find a policy that’s right for your needs. What, then, are some key parts to motorbike licensing laws that you need to understand?

Primarily, you need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course and pass a theory test – you can start learning to ride a motorbike at aged 17, but will only be able to be tested on and drive a 125 cc motorcycle with a power output of no more than 11 kW. The license you take at this stage of learning is known as an A1 license and is intended to make drivers confident and safe with riding low powered bikes when they first get out onto the road.

At 19, you can apply to take an A2 license, which means that you can ride a bike with an engine size of up to 395 cc, and a power output of 35 kW – this license can then be followed by a Full A license from aged 21, which allows you to ride 595 cc bikes and larger vehicles. If you’re already aged over 24, you can also opt for a direct access course, whereby you skip the earlier A1 and A2 licenses and go straight to a full license.

In terms of vehicle ownership laws, you’ll need to pick up a V5C registration certificate, a tax disc, and a recent MOT certificate if you’re going to be learning on a motorbike. You also need motorbike insurance, which is covered by Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations – even if you’re not riding a bike, you still need cover, and can receive a fixed penalty of £100 if you fail to comply with rules; this can escalate to fines and driving bans if you continue to avoid buying insurance.

The minimum legal cover you need for a motorbike is third-party insurance, which will pay out damages to another person; you can also upgrade to third party fire and theft insurance, as well as to comprehensive insurance, which will cover all damages and theft. It’s also worth exploring specialist motorbike insurance if you’re riding a classic or modified bike, while younger and new drivers should shop around to get the best possible quote when they’re starting out.

It’s worth reviewing rules and regulations over motorbike licensing and insurance every few years, although these are unlikely to change too drastically as the most recent revision to the law was made in January 2013. Getting the right insurance, though, can be achieved by comparing the market for specialist cover that can work with you to create a tailored policy, making it easier to save money and stay within the law.

Author Bio: Jane is a motorbike rider and tourer. She recommends comparing the market as much as possible to save money on motorbike insurance. She also blogs about her overseas motorbike trips, and recently returned from a journey to China.

How to Import a Caravan

Boat transportation services can be expensive at times. That’s why it’s very important to look online and do everything that you can to find the cheapest boat transportation service, provider. On the website, you will be able to get related information about the boat such as the producer, material used, capability, price, and energy type and so on. With this information, you’ll be able to buy a ship which will suit your needs. We know that there are many shipping companies available in the market. But you should go to the best company. There is no doubt that it is a very hectic job for one to search for a good shipping company. Here we will provide you suggestions regarding this. We know that the USA and Australia are going to hold the topmost position in this industry.

When you have to undergo a complicated task like Boat Transport, you need to consider Small Boat Shipping services; they can make transporting about quick and easy. The company will handle transporting your boat for you 100%. The only thing you will have to worry about is paying for the services. You will be provided information with import cars from USA.

There are also stores which are devoted to selling fishing boats in many says within this nation. You may be able to visit these types of stores so as to establish the actual watercraft that they have and at exactly what cost could they be selling all of them.

There are many different ways to transport a boat. You can pay for enclosed shipping or open shipping. With enclosed shipping options, your boat is completely protected. Any harsh weather conditions will not put your boat in jeopardy. For instance, if it rains, hails, or snows, the condition of your boat will not be at risk.

This is because enclosed shipping means that your boat will be protected with a barrier. This barrier is usually composed of wood construction, so it is very stable and solid. Enclosed shipping is a great way to ensure that your boat gets transported in pristine condition. However, enclosed shipping can be more expensive than open shipping.

Open shipping is where there is no barrier created around your boat to protect it. It is shipped exactly as is. We will provide you information regarding Caravan importers Australia.

One of the things that can drive costs up is if you need international shipping. International shipping can be very expensive since it means that the company will have to transport your boat overseas. They may have several methods for doing this, but none of them are going to be cheap. It will involve shipping the boat through some type of overseas transporter. This is usually a boat similar to a fairy. Paying for this can get expensive, so the international shipping company has to charge you a good deal of money in order to transport your boat. Usually, they get access to reduced prices so they are able to save their clients some money when it comes to that.

There are specific elements you need to consider when you wish to purchase fishing boats. The type of boat is an important feature to think about. You will find various kinds of watercraft in the market depending on the producer, make and other functions. You need to consider all these facts before you settle on a fishing vessel. Pay for open shipping. You may not get the protection that you are looking for, but it’s an excellent way to save money. Unlike traveling to the purchase location yourself, and escorting the vehicle back home, paying for boat transportation services means that your boat will get transported in a timely fashion. You won’t be waiting around for a considerable period of time; your boat will be in your hands within no time.

Where To Buy Used Cars In The USA, And How To Find Cheap Details For It?

You want a car for yourself, but you don’t want to make any installment payments or it might happen you can’t get a loan. In such cases, purchasing a used car may be a suitable option.
Unlike buying a new car, you have to be very much careful when buying a used car.  While purchasing a used car, you will have to consider the repair cost which is quite unpredictable.
You can opt for a used car that is of a better model with low monthly installment payments so that you could reserve some money for emergencies. Mostly every used car doesn’t have warranties when passed to a new owner.

Tips while purchasing a Used Car

Never take a seller’s words for truth. Before you make a big purchase decision, have the car checked by some professional. This will help you to avoid a lot of mechanical problems and save your precious money. Keep in mind that once you buy a used car, there is no return or refund.
Consider the following basic points while you purchase a used car.

Price: it is quite difficult to find the exact market value of a used car. To determine this, there are various types of tools. The best and the convenient way to determine the price is to check online. You can ask the help of a mechanic. They can suggest you the approximate price of the car.

Mileage: check the current mileage of the car you are going to buy. Cars that are driven less provide better mileage. Generally the normal rate is an average of 12,000 miles per annum.  Never go for any used car that has been driver for 110,000 miles or more than that.

Having the car checked

Before purchasing a used car, have it checked by a mechanic. This is very much important.
Though every mechanic knows their job very well, yet make sure that you check the following things:
* The safety features of the car that includes brakes, head lights, horn, wiper etc. should be working properly.

* Check the brake cylinder and the drum.

* Check the most important part of the car- engine and transmission.

* Check if there is any rust at the exhaust, radiators or at the bottom of the car.

* Acceleration is a vital issue. Check whether the car has enough pick up and power.

* Check the air filter and the valves.

Find the best for you

There are several places where you can find used cars. You can go for a suitable used car at any of the following places:

  1. 1. based in America, this is an online source for automotive information. Headquartered in California,, Inc maintains an office outside of Detroit.
    The site- provides you prices for new and used cars. It includes a database of national and regional rebates and incentives, inventory listing, test drive reviews, tips and advice regarding purchase. The company even circulates free newsletters through e-mails to subscribers.
    “True Market Value” is the pricing tool through which the company provides data. The True Market Value Used Vehicle Appraiser helps to estimate the correct price for used vehicles.
  2. 2. CarsDirect: found by Scott Painter in 1998, CarsDirect is an online research portal and car buying service. This online automotive search portal is based in California. The company allows the consumers to research purchase, price, insure and finance a vehicle online. Services like lead generation and referral services provided to auto dealers by the company.
  3. 3. Other places in the United Sates where you can find suitable used cars are –



* CarPoint

* AutoByTel.
After you have found a suitable car, go for a car tuning at equal intervals of time to retain its performance. If you are interested to modify your car and transform it to an attractive and appealing vehicle, visit: the Car Part Kings for More details.

Advantages of Going with Second Hand Auto Parts

Second-hand auto parts are readily purchased these days due to their rising demands and the benefits they offer in the first place. Purchasing auto parts have become a huge concern in the auto parts’ industry. The following list are a few of the advantages that one can yield on purchasing second-hand auto parts:


Amongst the popular advantages of purchasing used or second-hand auto parts, the benefit of chief significance is its price. This is regarded as the most important advantage due to which people generally prefer second-hand auto parts over new replacement parts. For the new replacement parts, usually, a heavy price is invested in. And which sometimes do not justify the investment at all. If you go for buying a used or second-hand auto part with vigilance, you will land in purchasing a definite right replacement part for your automobile.

The price of the second-hand auto part normally depends upon where you are purchasing the used replacement parts from. There are several auto parts’ stores that are known to sell replacement parts which are remanufactured to their very original state. It will cost you far less than a brand new auto replacement part. Such parts sometimes come with a limited warranty as well, which is known to be another popular advantage that one can yield on purchasing a second-hand auto part.

Assisting the Environment

Buying a second hand or used auto part is known to be a beneficial way of helping the environment. It is witnessed that when you purchase an auto part either from an auto replacement storehouse or salvage yard, you in a way assist in keeping the materials out of landfills. This serves as a great benefit to the environment. These second hand or used parts are also known as ‘green parts’ due to the environmentally friendly nature they possess and the benefit they pose to the environment in general.

Reduces the Need of Manufacturing of New Auto Parts

It has been observed that the second hand or used replacement repair parts have resulted in yielding a fine benefit which is the reduction of manufacturing of new auto parts. This way, the energy that would have been invested in manufacturing a new auto part is saved. This has contributed and helped in various ways to the automobile industry. Energy along with materials that are required to facilitate in the manufacturing of brand new parts is saved significantly. Recycling of parts can be done easily as compared to manufacturing new branded parts altogether.

Extending of Life of the Automobile

If you pay significant attention and vigilance in purchasing the second hand or used repair parts, you will end up in choosing the right repair part and this will eventually result in enhancing or extending the life span of your automobile in general.


The above-stated points demonstrate a vivid and clear picture of why second-hand auto parts are more advantageous over branded or new replacement parts. The second-hand auto parts have proved to be less expensive than new replacement parts, so monetarily you are served with a great advantage. It has also proven to assist in the maintenance of a sound environment. You can visit here to find out more information about the second-hand auto parts most people prefer to buy.

Simply put, there are numerous auto body professionals who will suggest you go for second-hand auto parts for your vehicle. This article is aimed to emphasize similar thoughts while providing you with a clearer and broader view of how beneficial can second-hand parts be for your automobile.