Cheapest way to ship car from California to Florida

Shipping your car from California to Florida can be done cheaply and efficiently with Direct Connect Auto Transport. Make sure you ship your car with a reliable transportation company, and you have more money in your pocket than what you would expect!

Type of Transport

To save on shipping, it is best to choose open transport unless your vehicle is valued at over $70,000 or is a valuable car. The cost nearly doubles from open transport to enclosed transport, so you can save a lot if you choose open vehicle transporters.  

Terminal or Door to Door Shipping?

Generally, the cheapest way to ship a car is through terminal-to-terminal shipping. This method eliminates the need for a car to be delivered to your home with door-to-door shipping which can be more expensive than terminal shipping. If your home is further than the terminal, it will cost more in gas mileage. Cities usually have a few terminals and you can easily drop off your vehicle and let the transporter deliver terminal that is closest to your city in California.

The Shipping Season

Depending on the time of year you ship with auto transport companies, you can either be saving money or spending a lot of money. Typically during the winter season, people will escape going to warmer places for a few months like California. The rates during this time for auto shipping will jack up, and you will be paying top dollar. April and May are usually the peak time for a car heading to California, Arizona or Florida.

Car Condition

The condition of your car can determine the price of the shipping. If your car is older, if is more of a liability for breaking down. If your car breaks down, it will need to be serviced by a mechanic on the road, which can be expensive. To save money, get your older car checked out and cleared by a mechanic before auto shipping.

Read All Car Transporter Reviews

There are many scams with auto transporters who are willing to ship your car cross- country. First, read online reviews. There will always be a few bad ones, but if the majority are positive – then it is likely a reliable company. Also, Check that their business is certified with the BBB and licensed, bonded and insured. Without insurance from a company, you could be paying a lot of money if your vehicle gets damaged.

With reliable auto transport from Direct Connect Auto Transport, you can have your car safely shipped from California to Florida whenever you need the shipping. They have been shipped cars nationwide for over 20 years and will ship your car to the destination you choose. For quick, reliable auto transport, contact Direct Connect Auto today!