How Car Makers Respond to Consumer Demands

Consumers are demanding more and more from cars and car manufacturers are delivering. Consumers expect new cars to have the top safety features, technology like GPS and other useful features like Bluetooth radio to pass the time. Since consumers spend 100 hours driving in their cars each year, they are demanding car features that offer more convenience and help them to be more productive in their daily route.

Better Travel Features

Features like GPS are automatically connecting from a person’s phone into the car. Since many people opt to use the most popular GPS apps – Waze and Google maps – cars are allowing phones to connect to a car’s screen. The screen will mirror the screen of your smartphone, which connects drivers to where they are and gets them to where they want to go. By catering to consumer’s habits, cars are able to offer more convenience that helps them to have a more user-friendly experience. If you find a new car you would like, the open vehicle transporters from Direct Connect Auto Transport will help to bring your car to your location.

Convenience and Luxury Features

Many new vehicles are focusing on convenience and luxury features for their selling points. One of these new convenience features includes a keyless entry system. With a remote, you can unlock your car without looking endlessly for your keys. This is also a safety feature, to allow you to quickly enter your car without hassle. Heated or leather seats are also becoming more popular as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

More Reliable Safety Features

Since the introduction in 2016 of automated driving features in cars, the increase in demand is pushing for the future production of self-driving cars. Investment in this technology is growing as consumer interest is growing. Future cars will see more use of cloud-based systems. A new car from Hyundai and Cisco feature internal communication with the vehicle to help: prevent vehicle hacks, deliver real-time traffic updates and oversee the car’s condition and fix it remotely. More cars will continue to feature connectivity with cloud-based systems regarding communication with construction work, road signs, street lights, etc.
Consumer demand will play a major role this year and the upcoming years with future cars. Consumers are seeking enhanced experiences whether it is with technology or safety features. If you are looking for a new car, you can expect to see many of these sought-after features in cars. With Direct Connect, you can move cars that you purchase to the location that you need.