With over 20 years of experience in the industry, JM Racing Team Auto Transport is widely acknowledged as setting the standard for the transportation of vehicles in California. The company has retained its reputation all through the years with flawless delivery of vehicles and high level of professionalism within the automobile transport industry. JM Racing Team is well prepared to handle the transport of all types of vehicles, commercial and sports and has the capacity of dealing with the Government’s strict requirements for the preparation and cleaning of imported vehicles.

Site3 runs a current and diverse fleet of car transporter trucks and enclosed auto carrier trailer units, which provide our clients with reliable and efficient logistics solutions throughout California.

The driving force behind the success of JM Racing Team is the emphasis on providing effective, efficient and reliable services. We believe that there is a paramount requirement for attention to detail and customer confidentiality in the automotive transport industry.

Apart from cars, we also handle motorcycle shipping. We are well reputed car transport service in California. To ensure the quality of our service, we employ two driver trainers. These trainers teach our drivers all about the current strategies and tips for keeping the cars safe and sound all through the journey. We have a group of high quality, professional and motivated staffs and driver who are passionate to deliver a friendly service to our customers.

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