Auto Shipping

Successfully Transporting your Vehicle

Throughout recent years, the auto transport industry has evolved and is currently one of the most competitive industries. One reason this has taken place is also due to the industries expansion onto the internet. One of the good things that have come out of this competition, is that you, the customer, end up with a better chance of receiving a much better deal than if there were only one or two companies available. Also, by researching your options online (which is an exceptionally important step in deciding which option is the best fit for your needs), you are able to easily compare services, prices, reviews, and other important information. It’s also important that the company uses a network of insured, experienced, and accredited auto transporters. This is only one of the reasons you should visit Universal Auto Transporters. Universal Auto Transporters offers quality customer service, reliable and experienced drivers, and five FREE quotes from auto shippers in their network. To receive the quotes, just visit their homepage, or contact them by phone and discuss your options with one of their qualified staff associates.

Once you’ve gone ahead and figured out which company will best fulfill your specific needs, the next important thing is communication. This could certainly be one of the most important steps throughout the entire process. Although you’d never think it, communication is a key component during this process. Factors such as the vehicles height, weight, width, ground clearance, and other similar information will help decide whether your vehicle will require special transport, or if the conventional means will work. Also, be sure to inform the company whether or not your vehicle is in running condition. Although it sounds silly, vehicles which cannot run can still be shipped. the extra work required to physically get the vehicle on to the transporter can sometimes cost a bit extra. The more information you provide, the less likely you are to run into any type of “surprises” along the way. Also, be sure to provide the company and driver with any and all of your contact information, just in case any type of situation arises where they will need to contact you immediately.

Also, for the most part, it is not wise to place personal belongings into the vehicle while it is in transport. Although it may seem like a wise choice, killing two birds with one stone, it is usually not allowed by the transporter. This is to ensure the safety of both the driver as well as your personal belongings. Depending on the method of transport you’ve decided to use (enclosed in a transporter or in an open air transporter), your vehicle may be exposed for people to look into, if they so desired. The last thing you’d want to happen is to have your vehicle arrive at the final destination only to discover someone has stolen all you personal belongings (not to give the impression that your vehicle is unsafe, but anything is possible!). Overall, research and communication are the big key components to ensuring the success of your automotive transport experience!

Shipping your Vehicle: How to Prepare

Shipping your vehicle through the services of an automobile transportation company can sometimes prove to be a very discouraging process. The only reason for this is due to the fact that many people underestimate the importance of planning ahead for the experience. Most people won’t bother to look around and compare services and prices amongst the various companies out there. Once they do choose a company, people don’t realize the importance of communication throughout the entire process. Don’t fear; all hope is not lost!

To start, as previously mentioned, do your homework! The automotive transport industry is becoming increasingly competitive as the years go progress. This is actually an advantage if you’re looking to get your car shipped! The more competition, the lower the prices will be. If one company is offering an affordable price, the other companies will have to make efforts to follow, or they will lose out on business. You’re best bet besides calling the company and inquiring on specifics (prices, qualifications, services, etc.), is to hop on the internet. Browse through and try and read reviews that people have posted regarding their experiences with each company in consideration. This will assist you get a better grasp on exactly what type of service you’re looking at.

Once you’ve chosen the company for you, the next step is to figure out which type of transport you’ll be needing. There are two main types of automotive transport. The first is known as open transport. This involves a transport carrier that does not completely enclose the vehicles it is carrying. These transporters are usually easier to book, and are generally less expensive, due to the fact that they can carry larger numbers of cars and also, do not provide protection from the elements. The other type of transporter is known as enclosed transport. These trucks encase the vehicle with four walls, protecting the vehicles from virtually any type of damage due to outside forces (i.e. nature, vandalism, etc.). These trucks are usually harder to come by and generally cost a bit more money, due to their specifications. Usually, those people with classic cars or custom paint jobs will utilize the services of an enclosed transporter.

After you’ve decided which type of transport would best fit your needs, the time has come to communicate with the company you’ve chosen. The more information you’re able to provide them with, the less likely that you’ll experience any unwanted surprises. The information you’ll want to convey with them includes (but is not limited to): vehicle height, vehicle weight, vehicle width, ground clearance, vehicle accessibility (distance from main streets), and the running condition of the vehicle. This information will help the company match you with the most appropriate transporter.

Looking for the best vehicle transport? Check out Direct Connect Auto Transport. Visit their website to receive 5 FREE quotes for your auto transport.Direct Connect Auto Transport uses a network of experienced, reliable, and accredited transport companies to ensure your satisfaction. With a staff whose customer service skills are second to none, Direct Connect Auto Transport is out to work for one thing only: you, the customer.

Top Five 2018 Cars with the Best Fuel Efficiency

If you are searching for a brand-new, 2018 model this year with the best fuel efficiency – then look no further. These top five cars, are non-hybrid and non-electric models. When you save money on your car, you will have extra money for other auto expenses like auto transportation with Direct Connect Auto Transport. When you need to save money and move cars, it can all be possible by doing business with a reasonable company like Direct Connect Auto and purchasing a top fuel-efficient car. You can have 40 mpg with one of these five conventionally powered cars below:

  1. Mitsubishi Mirage – This car gets as much as 37/43 mpg! In your first 15,000 miles with this vehicle, it will only cost the owner $1,000 on fuel costs. This is around $2,000 less to have a full tank over five years than the average new car on the market. That is a large saving, especially for those looking to cut spending in certain areas.
  2. Honda Fit – This subcompact vehicle is very practical for its smaller size. The hatchback is very roomy and six-speed transmission has 29/36 mpg, and costs a modest price of $17,080.
  3. Honda Civic – With a base price of $19,730, this slightly more expensive Honda model comes with a 1.5 liter or 2.0 turbo four engine and with 31/40 mpg. You may be paying slightly more, but you will get a better fuel economy along with add on features like a 174 horsepower turbo-four engine.
  4. Hyundai Elantra –  This is another compact car that is a little more expensive from $17,200 – $23,700. It is still a great deal for your money with a 2.0 liter engine and 32/40 mpg with a fresh, new appearance for 2019.
  5. Toyota Yaris iA – This Toyota model is the 5th subcompact vehicle that will give you the most for your money with fuel efficiency. With a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and 32/40 mpg, you will be getting a car that feels expensive, with a modest price starting at $16,845.

When you purchase a car with a great fuel economy, you will end up saving money in the long run. Think of this as extra spending money to be used on your car for everything from maintenance costs to even car shipping in Florida. You can take advantage of the savings over the years with one of these top five 2018 cars with the best fuel efficiency!

All About Car Depreciation

Direct Connect Auto Transport knows all about cars, trucks, SUVs and even boats. If you want to know how cars depreciate, auto transportation services like Direct Connect Auto know everything about cars and saving you money. Below are the preventative maintenance tips you can follow to save

How Much Money Will A New Car Lose?

The average car depreciation rate can drop 20 percent within the first 12 months of ownership. That is a lot of money to lose just within the first year. It is often said that once you drive the car off the dealership lot, you automatically lose money. That is true, with a significant amount lost the first year, with every additional year being another 10 percent off the value of the car. This means that after five years, your car’s value will be worth just 40 percent of the original price of the car!

How to Reduce Depreciation

If you use your vehicle less, your car will not depreciate at such a high percentage. If you use your car for over 10,000 miles a year, your car will break down at a much higher rate. To find out how much a specific car will depreciate, you can use a car depreciation calculator. A Carfax history report will be able to give specific vehicle history reports for information on each car to determine depreciation.

Since the instant you are on the road, your vehicle comes down to wholesale price – you want to consider taking extra special care of your car. Also, cars in high demand with low supply will have a lower depreciation rate. A car is only worth the price people are willing to pay for it and if its the opposite – in high supply and low demand – the owner will see a much greater depreciation. Your location can also affect the depreciation rate. Since cars are often in better shape in warmer states, you will find cars depreciating at a lower rate in the warmer states.

With Direct Connect Auto Transport, you can save money on auto transportation and useful tips to reduce depreciation. You can effectively save money whether you need large vehicle shipping or military car shipping. Consider Direct Connect Auto Transport the next time you need to save money transporting your car anywhere in the U.S or around the world.  


Repair Tips for Saving Major Cash on Your Vehicle

You do not have to be a car mechanic in order to perform these simple, DIY car repairs. These convenient tips on repairing your vehicle will help it not only to be safer on the road but it will also hold up better during auto transportation. With Direct Connect Auto Transport, you can move cars easier with these helpful tips that will prevent vehicle failure on the road. Trust Direct Connect Auto to get your vehicle to go wherever it needs to be with safe and efficient open and closed auto transport. With over 20 years of auto transportation, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands – wherever it needs to go!

Replacing Air Filter

If you learn how to replace the air filter to your vehicle, you will be saving a lot of money. This basic maintenance will help to extend the life of your vehicle, without paying a fortune at the mechanic. Learning this DIY task will help you to be more confident in auto repair. Check with the car manufacturer on how long you should go before replacing your vehicle’s air filter – it should typically be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Changing Fluids regularly

Changing fluids in your vehicle is another simple task that can be done by just about anyone. Researching through resources like Youtube on how to change your vehicle’s fluid is another great way to save a bit of cash and broaden your knowledge on cars. The types of fluid that need to be changed with a vehicle are typical: power steering fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, motor oil, transmission oil, differential oil and coolant. Even if you learn how to change one of these types of fluid in your vehicle, you are already saving yourself quite a bit of money!

Cleaning Terminals to prevent Electrical problems

When you clean your corroded batteries, this will help to prevent electrical issues with your vehicle. Electrical issues can form when corrosion is formed on your battery terminals, which strains the charging and computer controlled systems. Cleaning the batteries will help to prevent electrical problems, which can end up costing you a pretty penny.
With these quick, easy DIY fixes – why not try them yourself and save annually on car repair bills? Learning to do some of the easy work that a mechanic can do will not only save you money but will help you to be more confident on the road. When you are confident with your vehicle on the road, you can take your car more places without feeling like it may have an issue. Whether you need your vehicle moved to a local place or cross country, you should be confident in your vehicle’s performance and also your auto transporter. You may want to ship car to California or to just the next state over – and you need your vehicle’s performance to be reliable enough to get there. With these above tips, you will feel more confident in your vehicle to go many places without having car issues.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle

You may have skipped out on upgrades or maintenance for your vehicle in 2018. For the new year in 2019, vow to take better care of your vehicle with whatever it needs – whether it needs vehicle checkups, better auto transportation, car washes or more. Whenever you need your vehicle moved this year whether it is to the next state over or on the other side of the U.S. – don’t drive it yourself and count on Direct Connect Auto Transport to safely deliver it to its new location. The licensed, bonded and insured company will deliver your vehicle safe and secured to wherever you need to go!

Below are the steps to take to better care for your vehicle this year:

Having Your Vehicle Serviced

With every vehicle, it should be checked every few months by a good mechanic. Every vehicle tends to wear down after a while, and parts will not function to their capacity. A mechanic will check everything from tire pressure to oil and even brakes. Oil should be changed about every 5,000 miles, the air filter every 12,000 miles and tires should be rotated every 5,000 – 10,000 miles. You should aim to have your vehicle serviced every 6,000 miles if you drive a lot or every 12,000 miles if you do not use your vehicle as frequently. You are extending the life of your vehicle when you take it for frequent maintenance so you will be able to move cars more efficiently.

Relying on Fast and Reliable Auto Shipment

If you plan on moving due to a job relocation or school, reliable automobile transportation should be on of your top priorities. Each vehicle is a prized possession and should be treated that way from any company that ships your vehicle. Rely on Direct Connect Auto to get you to where you need to be for a reasonable price!

Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Any basic vehicle maintenance from exterior cleaning to the interior organization should be frequently done in order to have your vehicle function at its best. According to most car experts, every two weeks your vehicle should be washed to remove salt and debris that can corrode any metal. If it is the Winter, you may want to consider cleaning your car more frequently since Winter is when salt will build up more frequently, so be sure to make sure it is removed quickly.

This year, make the decision to treat your vehicle better than ever before. Bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance checks, get your vehicle transported by a top auto transporter like Direct Connect Auto and take better care of your vehicle yourself with frequent cleanings and car washes. You will soon observe that your vehicle will be performing at its very best for 2019!


The Latest Car Features for 2019 Models

Cars today are improving on all of their features from performance to convenience and even safety. Safety features are becoming a hot ticket item for car buyers such as lane assist, rearview cameras, and automatic braking. Top Car manufacturers this year from Mercedes-Benz to the Lincoln Nautilus are raising the bar for car technology this year. If you are thinking of the perfect gift this year, what’s a better gift to give than a car with updated safety and comfort features? Rely on auto transportation from Direct Connect Auto Transport to get your new car this holiday from point A to point B safely! They have over 20 years of on-road experience, shipping everything from boats to small and large vehicles nationwide and nationally. You do not have to worry about your car being delivered damaged by an experienced auto transport company like Direct Connect Auto.

Below are some of the exciting upcoming features for 2019 vehicles!

Updated Convenience Features

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in the Jaguar iPace to anticipate the driver’s needs from seat position and radio stations to news and learning the driver’s preferences. Comfort and luxury features like heated armrests and massaging seats, as seen in the newer Mercedes-Benz models, help to relax the driver. The 2019 Subaru Ascent has an e-bird function that tells drivers of bird sightings through crowdsourced data. It also features 8 USB charging stations and 19 cup holders.

Improved Safety Mechanisms

Among the top selling points of new cars, safety is a major aspect. Technology to avoid accidents is improving year after year. In newer models like the 2019 Audi A8, it doesn’t just offer auto-braking but also prevents cross-traffic collisions at intersections and raises the car 3.5 inches for a side impact collision to minimize damage. Evasive steering with models like the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus and 2019 Ford Edge Cross Overuse cameras to analyze slow moving traffic and steer around its path to avoid accidents. Another impressive new feature, from the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS four-door coupe moves the front seat passengers to the side in an accident to reduce passenger injury.

If you looking for a new car to drive into 2019, the newer models above have advanced features that make the perfect gift for this holiday season. With Direct Connect Auto, you can move cars seamlessly into the new years, with no hassle to you! They focus on everything from large vehicle shipping to compact hybrids or even vintage cars. Everything is done by the professional auto transportation, so you can have a new car this season, right at your doorstep!

Dishonest Types From a Car Finance Guy

As always, with anything you buy you have to watch out for scams. According to Direct Connect Auto Transport, This is unfortunately no different with purchasing cars, and many people who do not research common scams are usually the ones who are left with a bad deal! The auto transporter, Direct Connect Auto, is a reliable car source with over 20 years of automobile transportation services. They know the ins and outs of both auto transportation and auto dealerships. Make sure you always research the car and car dealership before deciding on purchasing a car. The finance guys at car dealerships have a reputation of not only being pushy but also trying to make a quick sale – even if it means leaving out some vital information.

Below are some of the Top Scams Seen From a Car Finance Guy:


  1. Title Washing – Title washing means the title of the car was “washed” with the transfer of the car to another state that didn’t notice the salvage brand. Many vehicles are salvaged that were in previous natural disasters like hurricanes, where the car ended up being salvaged with major flood damage. This could be very dangerous for the buyer, especially if the vehicle is not functioning correctly.
  2. Finance Guy Gives False Lowball Price – The dealer will give you the lowest price and ask if you can find the price elsewhere at other dealers (who cannot match it that low.) The finance guy will say he just has to talk to his manager, who will end up not being able to approve of the low price. This is when they will get you into the store to pressure you into purchasing the car at a higher price.
  3. Unnecessary Add-ons – A lot of finance guys will try to include add-ons that you do not need. These are often very profitable for the dealer, but the car buyer actually does not need them at all. These add-ons commonly include: fabric protection, paint protection, rust proofing, undercoating and VIN etching.
  4. Not Including Equipment That Was In The Contract – The dealership could have made an error, but this is another common scam that helps them save money. Whether the contract included car mats, navigation systems or keyless entry – you should have every add-on that was said to be included.

When you have decided on a car to purchase after doing much-needed research, you can have Direct Connect Auto move cars to your desired location, whether it is close or 1,000 miles away! They provide both open and enclosed auto transportation services based on your individual needs. So when purchasing a new car, be aware of the possible dealership tricks and rely on Direct Connect Auto for small to large vehicle shipping.  

Electric and Hybrid Car Transport

As electric cars are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern-day auto industry, there are still many auto carriers who do not transport electric and hybrid cars. At Direct Connect Auto Transport, we are proud to be able to meet your electric and hybrid car transport needs with our closed or open vehicle transporters.

The Challenges Companies Often Face

Since carriers are used to shipping cars with gasoline engines, there can be many challenges that they can face with electric car engines. Many carriers are slow to adjust to new changes in the auto industry. Direct Connect Auto always keeps up with the latest-and-greatest in the auto industry and are passionate about advances in technology. With that said, below are the potential challenges based on an article from Automotive News that may go along with shipping an electric car:

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries add weight
  • Some Carriers charge extra
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries have potential danger with fires

The added weight from Lithium-Ion batteries, as opposed to regular car batteries, has forced some car transport companies to charge extra for electric car transport services. Extra equipment is not necessary, so the same equipment can be used for both gasoline cars and electric run cars. Electric cars are not free from hazards, and although rare, may pose a potential a fire threat from the use of lithium-Ion batteries.

Reasons to Ship Your Electric Car with Direct Connect
Ship your electric or hybrid car with a reliable automobile transportation company like Direct Connect Auto. They have been working the auto industry for over 20 years and have the experience to deliver your car safely to your desired destination. They have an A+ BBB rating with vehicle tracking to know where your car is at all times. They are fully licensed, bonded and insured to deliver you a positive car transport experience, guaranteed!

How to Sell Your Vehicle Quickly

When selling a vehicle you have to think of what the customer wants: great appearance, reliable condition, reasonable prices, and low mileage. Of course, many people are brand savvy and want to know the model and make of the car. However, if the car is not in great working condition, your chances of selling it are low.

Visual Condition

The condition of a vehicle is the first thing car buyers notice. If the car is run down from the outside and has a lot of damage, the buyer will likely turn away. If you have dings or scuffs, you may want to invest some money to fix the minor damages. Buyers will pay more for a vehicle that looks pristine from the outside. Without fixing these minor scuffs or paint chips, you may have to be willing to go for a lower offer on the vehicle. When a car is visually appealing, it will sell much faster. If you do end up getting an offer and decide to accept, you need to make arrangements for vehicle pickup. The vehicle can either be picked up in person or shipped with reliable automobile transport from Direct Connect Auto Transport if the buyer decides to have it shipped. With over 20 years of positive shipping experience in the U.S. and internationally, Direct Connect Auto can help you to get your vehicle safely where it needs to be.

Reliable Condition

You should have your vehicle inspected by a reliable mechanic. Everything from the oil to the battery should be checked to ensure they are in proper condition to be sold. Your engine should run well without stalling or breaking down. Just the basic mechanics of the car being in reliable condition will be a great selling point for any potential buyer. After all, buyers do not want to put in work the minute they purchase a used vehicle.

Price Point

Research prices of what your vehicle make and model is selling for online. These people likely did the needed research for their vehicle before they put up an offer. Your vehicle should be around the price that other sellers online price their car with the same vehicle. However, if you installed new upgrades like a new engine – your car price will be higher than the other offers. If your car needs something new like tires, make note of that in the vehicle description and have an open mind to lower your price below the asking price. If you are not selling your vehicle as quickly as you would like, you may want to offer a price cut.

Selling a vehicle quickly requires the best price to be set for the current condition of the vehicle. Whether you decide to invest money to improve the vehicle to sell for a higher price or offer a lower price letting the buyer know the vehicle will need improvements – the vehicle can likely be sold within a short amount of time. You need to be a reliable seller and have a used vehicle in great, driving condition. Once your vehicle is sold, if the vehicle needs to be shipped to a far away destination – Direct Connect Auto Transport can move cars to where it needs to be!