Selling a Car on Ebay

When you want to sell your car, one of the quickest ways to do so is online. Ebay is one of the biggest and most reliable websites to sell your car with. Ebay makes the selling process very easy – all you really need is basic car info, cars VIN number and photos.

When listing your car online, there is a fee that varies for each type of vehicle. When you submit a listing or choose to relist the car, it still counts as one listing and one fee.

Figuring Out Pricing

Listing a car for sale can be either a fixed, buy-it-now price, the best offer or an auction style. For both, you can set the duration of the sale. With the buy-it-now price, you can have your vehicle listed up to 21 days.

There are fees for both listing and selling your car. With the best offer, you can choose to accept the offer or decline it. When someone chooses to make an offer, they may either want to pick up the car or arrange for reliable auto transport.

Arrange for Pickup and Transferring the Title

If the buyer is close, they will most likely want to pick up the car in person. Sometimes, they may want shipping options and need auto transport companies to deliver their car. Once the payment is received, you should transfer the title of the car. With each state, transferring the title of the car has different requirements. Visit your local DMV to find out the exact information on transferring the title of your car.

Ebay is a great tool to sell your car. You have the option to sell locally or nationally, there are reasonable listing fees and you can set your own price. This is also a great way for a cheap advertisement for your car. If you were to sell on craigslist or in a newspaper, you may not get nearly as many offers. Once a buyer decides to purchase your car, they can move cars with the reliable Direct Connect Auto.