The Latest Car Features for 2019 Models

Cars today are improving on all of their features from performance to convenience and even safety. Safety features are becoming a hot ticket item for car buyers such as lane assist, rearview cameras, and automatic braking. Top Car manufacturers this year from Mercedes-Benz to the Lincoln Nautilus are raising the bar for car technology this year. If you are thinking of the perfect gift this year, what’s a better gift to give than a car with updated safety and comfort features? Rely on auto transportation from Direct Connect Auto Transport to get your new car this holiday from point A to point B safely! They have over 20 years of on-road experience, shipping everything from boats to small and large vehicles nationwide and nationally. You do not have to worry about your car being delivered damaged by an experienced auto transport company like Direct Connect Auto.

Below are some of the exciting upcoming features for 2019 vehicles!

Updated Convenience Features

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in the Jaguar iPace to anticipate the driver’s needs from seat position and radio stations to news and learning the driver’s preferences. Comfort and luxury features like heated armrests and massaging seats, as seen in the newer Mercedes-Benz models, help to relax the driver. The 2019 Subaru Ascent has an e-bird function that tells drivers of bird sightings through crowdsourced data. It also features 8 USB charging stations and 19 cup holders.

Improved Safety Mechanisms

Among the top selling points of new cars, safety is a major aspect. Technology to avoid accidents is improving year after year. In newer models like the 2019 Audi A8, it doesn’t just offer auto-braking but also prevents cross-traffic collisions at intersections and raises the car 3.5 inches for a side impact collision to minimize damage. Evasive steering with models like the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus and 2019 Ford Edge Cross Overuse cameras to analyze slow moving traffic and steer around its path to avoid accidents. Another impressive new feature, from the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS four-door coupe moves the front seat passengers to the side in an accident to reduce passenger injury.

If you looking for a new car to drive into 2019, the newer models above have advanced features that make the perfect gift for this holiday season. With Direct Connect Auto, you can move cars seamlessly into the new years, with no hassle to you! They focus on everything from large vehicle shipping to compact hybrids or even vintage cars. Everything is done by the professional auto transportation, so you can have a new car this season, right at your doorstep!