The Average Cost of California Auto Shipping

Rates for carriers that move cars can vary widely, depending on a number of factors. Auto transporters are independently owned, and they set their own prices. Rates vary depending on the vehicle’s weight, the distance to be traveled, how quickly the customer needs the car, and the season. If you plan to ship your car cross-country, you should compare rates from a variety of companies to get accurate car shipping quotes.


Average Rates for California Auto Shipping

As previously stated, shipping rates vary depending on a variety of factors. However, the average cost to ship a car to California from Boston is about $1200. If your car doesn’t run, count on paying another $120. Some companies charge more for larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs.

Fuel Prices can Affect Shipping Rates

When the price of gas and diesel go up, shipping rates must increase to cover the additional cost. To save money, customers should try to schedule shipping for times when fuel prices are low.

The Destination Matters

Companies only hire a certain number of carriers who travel cross-country. If a route needs to be added to accommodate a customer, the price will increase. However, customers can save if there’s already a transporter in the area. The further you live off of the main highway, the more you’ll pay in fuel surcharges. If the transporter needs to enter a neighborhood, they may need special permits, bought at your expense.

Gather Important Information

To get free estimates on the price to move cars to California, you’ll need some basic information about the vehicle. If you already have the car and you’re sending it to a new home, the process is simple. You’ll need the car’s year, make and model, as well as its mileage. Used cars should get an inspection report, which helps the transporter assess its value before giving you a final cost.

Find Local California Auto Shipping

Using the phone book and the Internet, make a short list of auto shippers with routes in your area. Urban areas usually have several auto transporters, and there are also a few companies that provide service in remote or rural areas.

Call a Shipping Broker

If you can’t find many transporters in your area, you may need to call a transport broker. These agents work between the customer and the carrier. They charge finder’s fees to help you find a car shipper, but they’re a great source of information and tips on finding the best service at the lowest price.

Call the Transporters

Most companies offer free California auto shipping estimates if you call them and provide some basic information about the vehicle you’re shipping. By comparing prices from a range of companies, you’ll get an idea of how much you’ll pay to ship your car to California.

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