Take the Hassle Out of Auto Shipping With Direct Connect Auto Transport

Shipping a car is safe and easy with Direct Connect Auto Transport. Their auto transportation is reliable, with a damage-free guarantee. The trusted shipper will allow you to ship everything from oversized equipment to boats and cars. Whether you need a classic car shipped to a city for a new job, or you need a truck shipped to a remote area – direct connect can help every move be a smooth transition every time.

What is The Cost?

The cost will differ based on a number of factors: vehicle type, vehicle size, vehicle weight, amount of space the vehicle takes up on the carrier and the place you are leaving from and going to. If you have a car valued at over $70,000, we recommend enclosed shipping. This is about double the price of open carrier car transport. We recommend this for expensive, rare or vintage cars. Cars under $70,000 should consider using open carrier transport since 75% of our customers use it and have positive feedback from their experience.

When Will My Car Arrive?

There is an estimate for when your car will arrive for automobile transport, but there is no guarantee. Factors that can affect shipping include weather, traffic, accidents, car issues, etc. If you are leaving from a crowded area like a city and traveling to another populated area – the chances are higher of having carriers ready at a moment’s notice to transport your vehicle. However, if you live in a rural area and a carrier has to go off the main path, it will cost more and may also take longer to have your vehicle shipped.

Using a Transporter Takes Away the Stress of Driving Yourself

If you want to ship a car to another area whether it is for a new job or for seasonal auto transport, why make it more stressful by driving the car yourself? With a carrier, you do not have to worry about gas money, traffic, weather, etc. You also do not have to worry about your car breaking down on your destination and having to get it repaired. Especially if you are moving for a job, you should not make the move more stressful than it needs to be. Trust Direct Connect Auto Transport to safely transport your vehicle and deliver it damaged free – guaranteed!

Open vs. Closed Auto Transport

Open vs. Closed Auto Transport

Depending on the vehicle that you are trying to ship, the price and shipping method will vary. For most vehicles, it is recommended that you use the less expensive open carrier option. For other, more expensive and valuable vehicles, you should absolutely use a closed carrier. Although Direct Connect Auto Transport is always diligent with ensuring that your vehicle gets delivered safely with open transport, there are rare times when damage is unavoidable.

When to Use Open Transport

Open auto transportation is the preferred transportation method if your vehicle is worth less than $70,000. Almost 75% of people that use auto transport will go with open transport. It is like on a flight, where the majority of the people on board will take the economy seats. There is always a risk that your vehicle can become damaged while being transported in an open transport. Whether it is a weather-related event or fuel from the top row of cars leaking to the bottom row of cars – damage is known to happen in rare cases. There is also a chance of debris from high winds to hit your car. Since weather prediction is not always accurate, sometimes the auto transporter can run into bad weather despite taking all possible precautions.

When to Use Closed Transport

Consider closed auto transport when your vehicle is worth over $70,000. If you have a classic car or an expensive sports car, closed auto transportation is something that you should strongly consider. Any vehicle that has a lot of value to it should use this option. With classic cars, if it gets damaged it may be difficult to find the right parts. It will also be very expensive for any repairs, such as a coat of paint that was used on a classic car.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Open and Closed Auto Transport

There are both advantages and disadvantages to move cars with either open or closed transport options. Open transport is great for every day vehicles, is less expensive since there are more open carriers, and it is a popular choice for car dealers. The disadvantage is that there are more stops, which will take more time. Your vehicle will also be exposed to weather and road elements, and contingent cargo insurance will not cover any road hazard damage. The advantages to enclosed auto transport include not having to worry about damage from debris or weather related events. It is also faster auto transport as there are fewer stops and fewer cars in the carrier. The disadvantage to closed auto transport is it’s at least 50% more expensive, it is not an economical choice for lower value vehicles and there is not as much space on the closed carrier as there are on the open carriers.
So there are both advantages and disadvantages to both open and closed carriers. Choice either open or closed carriers based on your vehicle type. With whatever carrier type that you choose, Direct Connect Auto Transport always does their absolute best to get your vehicle safely to its destination. With years of experience and a great track record, you can count on them to get you to where you need to be within the correct time frame. Contact Direct Connect Auto Transport for an auto transport quote to get your vehicle from point A to point B safely and efficiently.

Trust The Professionals When It Comes To Vehicle Transportation

Trust The Professionals When It Comes To Vehicle Transportation

There are many automobile transportation companies in the U.S., but not many offer the services that Direct Connect Auto Transport offers. Direct Connect offers everything from exotic and classic car transport to heavy haul and snowbird seasonal shipping. They have over 20 years of experience in the auto transportation industry and have handled all types of vehicles nationally and internationally.

If you are shipping a valuable classic or exotic car, let only an experienced auto transporter handle your car to prevent damage. Get a classic and exotic car hauler that you can trust so your car can arrive on time and in the condition it was shipped. Classic and exotic shipping may cost more since most people opt for the safety of the enclosed carrier. While open car carriers are an option, most people with valuable cars want protection on all four sides from elements, debris, etc.

Direct Connect Auto Transport also offers heavy haul transportation, which is useful for those who have heavy equipment or a heavy vehicle. Many companies claim to offer heavy haul, when the heaviest they can carry may only be a large SUV. At Direct Connect Auto, they have FTL transport and heavy flatbed freight to carry everything from oilfield gear and agricultural equipment to heavy vehicles and cargo shipping.

Direct Connect Auto often ships during snowbird season, which is a popular shipping time for many retirees. During the winter, many people are looking to move South for a few months to escape the cold. Their vehicle would go along with them, but instead of driving and spending money on gas – you can have Direct Connect Auto deliver it at a great rate.

With whatever type of shipping you decide, get an auto transport quote and start your journey today. With Direct Connect Auto, you will have the peace of mind that your vehicle will be delivered in a safe and hassle-free manner. When you are moving or relocating, the last thing you should think about is the inconvenience of bringing your vehicle yourself. Contact Direct Connect Auto to deliver your vehicle for you, so you can enjoy your ideal location.

Vehicle Shipping Made Easy

Vehicle Shipping Made Easy

If you’re looking to move a car, consider Direct Connect Auto Transport as your professional auto carrier. Direct Connect Auto is the most reliable auto transport company and you can count on your vehicle being delivered on time! Direct Connect Auto knows how to safely and effectively get your vehicle to the desired location in a timely manner.

Rest assured that your vehicle will be safely shipped by the dependable auto shippers at Direct Connect Auto. They ship everything from collector’s  vintage and rare cars to sports cars to motorcycles, and even boats. For over 20 years, Direct Connect Auto Transportation has earned glowing reviews from their many satisfied customers.

Once your vehicle is shipped, you can track your vehicle at all times. With a damage-free guarantee, you can be reassured that your vehicle will be delivered safe and secure! They offer open shipping, flatbed shipping and closed shipping – for those who prefer different levels of protection to move cars.

Your car is always guaranteed for protection when you ship with a professional car shipping company and you’ll be able to relax knowing it will arrive safely and on time. Hauling your own car is not an easy thing and, if not done right, you can damage your car. Professional car shippers have all of the equipment to handle different sized vehicles and with the price of gas combined with wear and tear may cost more than having a professional ship it for you.

You may run into various issues that you have not thought of when trying to transport your car yourself. For example, if you have multiple vehicles there may not be an economical way to move them all yourself. Direct Connect Auto is equipped to handle multi-vehicle loads and transports.

To protect one of your most valuable assets, and ship your car with the professionals who have been leaders in the vehicle shipping industry for years. Whether you want seasonal auto shipping, international shipping, military relocation, college moves or anything else – Direct Connect Auto transport can help you make it possible!

A Guide to Hawaii Auto Transportation


While shipping a car with a Hawaii auto transportation company, it may cost more than if you went the DIY route—but you’ll save the energy, time and frustration involved in getting your car to your new island home. The type of service you choose will determine the price you save, and you should keep your options open as you read the tips listed below.

Do Your Research

Whenever you ship your car or move your belongings, research is one of the most important steps you’ll take. The Better Business Bureau is a great source of information; the site will tell you whether the shipper has had any grievances filed and if those complaints were successfully resolved. While a company can’t make every customer happy, they should make an effort to ensure that complaints are resolved satisfactorily. Read the BBB report, and if there are blemishes on a company’s record, ask the company directly about the results. Depending on the nature of the complaint, you may want to look elsewhere for a Hawaii auto transport company.

How Shipping Works

Most shippers give customers an estimate as far as pickup and drop-off are concerned. Times are typically given in three- to five-day windows, and most companies will hold the vehicle for you if the pickup or delivery date isn’t convenient. Before the company takes possession of your vehicle, they should do a detailed inspection and provide you with a written report to sign.

Be sure to inspect the car yourself, and that the written report provides an accurate description of the car’s condition. Your car should arrive in Hawaii in the same condition as when it was picked up; however, if it is damaged in transit, the insurer will refer to the inspection report. Your report should include the vehicle’s fuel level, odometer reading and pickup/delivery dates.

Getting Your Car Ready

Before shipping your car to Hawaii, you should clean it out completely. Most shippers refuse to accept responsibility for belongings that are left in the car, because they can’t be insured. Remove all tools from the trunk, as well as personal items and loose accessories from inside the vehicle.

Taking Delivery

When you take delivery in Hawaii, inspect your car carefully before signing off on paperwork. The post-delivery inspection is the right time to take note of damage; take your time and do the inspection carefully. Compare your findings against the initial inspection report, and if there’s damage, report it to the insurance company.

Any move can be difficult, and moving with a vehicle can be especially complicated if it has to be shipped across the water. By doing some research, learning how the shipping process works, and properly preparing your vehicle, you can get your car to Hawaii with minimal hassle.

The Average Cost of California Auto Shipping

Rates for carriers that move cars can vary widely, depending on a number of factors. Auto transporters are independently owned, and they set their own prices. Rates vary depending on the vehicle’s weight, the distance to be traveled, how quickly the customer needs the car, and the season. If you plan to ship your car cross-country, you should compare rates from a variety of companies to get accurate car shipping quotes.


Average Rates for California Auto Shipping

As previously stated, shipping rates vary depending on a variety of factors. However, the average cost to ship a car to California from Boston is about $1200. If your car doesn’t run, count on paying another $120. Some companies charge more for larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs.

Fuel Prices can Affect Shipping Rates

When the price of gas and diesel go up, shipping rates must increase to cover the additional cost. To save money, customers should try to schedule shipping for times when fuel prices are low.

The Destination Matters

Companies only hire a certain number of carriers who travel cross-country. If a route needs to be added to accommodate a customer, the price will increase. However, customers can save if there’s already a transporter in the area. The further you live off of the main highway, the more you’ll pay in fuel surcharges. If the transporter needs to enter a neighborhood, they may need special permits, bought at your expense.

Gather Important Information

To get free estimates on the price to move cars to California, you’ll need some basic information about the vehicle. If you already have the car and you’re sending it to a new home, the process is simple. You’ll need the car’s year, make and model, as well as its mileage. Used cars should get an inspection report, which helps the transporter assess its value before giving you a final cost.

Find Local California Auto Shipping

Using the phone book and the Internet, make a short list of auto shippers with routes in your area. Urban areas usually have several auto transporters, and there are also a few companies that provide service in remote or rural areas.

Call a Shipping Broker

If you can’t find many transporters in your area, you may need to call a transport broker. These agents work between the customer and the carrier. They charge finder’s fees to help you find a car shipper, but they’re a great source of information and tips on finding the best service at the lowest price.

Call the Transporters

Most companies offer free California auto shipping estimates if you call them and provide some basic information about the vehicle you’re shipping. By comparing prices from a range of companies, you’ll get an idea of how much you’ll pay to ship your car to California.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Auto Transport

You’ve probably seen car carriers out on the road, but like most people, you’re probably a beginner when it comes to automobile transport. In this article, we will list the three biggest errors—and the most commonly misspoken phrases originating from car shippers.


“I Know My Car”

Regardless of how well you know your vehicle, the transporter doesn’t know anything about it—so it’ll be your word up against theirs if your car arrives with new scratches or dents. It’s vital that you inspect your car and take photos before and after it’s delivered, to determine whether damage has occurred. Many drivers don’t realize that the few minutes they spend taking pictures can save significant hassle and time. It helps drivers and shippers avoid conflict, and it makes the claims process easier.

“I’ll Fill My Car With Stuff to Save on Moving Expenses”

It may seem smart to cram everything you can into your car when you’re paying for enclosed auto transport, but it’s actually illegal. If the carrier has to make a sudden stop, anything inside the car can become a projectile. Carriers aren’t licensed to move household items, and loading them into your car can leave the carrier open to hefty fines. Moreover, if something is stolen or lost, the carrier isn’t liable—and the loss isn’t covered by insurance.

“I’ll Be Fine. I Don’t Need to Insure My Car During Shipping!”

It’s best (and safest) to pay a little more now to avoid paying a lot down the road. Many people decide to roll the dice, declining the insurance the carrier offers—and they end up paying significantly more in the event of a claim. We advise you to spend a little extra now on shipping insurance, and to ensure that you buy enough coverage to replace your vehicle if a total loss occurs.

The carrier likely has basic coverage, but you may need to purchase supplemental insurance, especially if you’re moving an exotic, rare or classic car. Understanding the carrier’s deductible is important, as is the consideration of cargo insurance from a third party.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the auto shipping industry, and people make many mistaken assumptions about their rights and responsibilities. By learning what’s acceptable (and what’s not), you can move your car across the country safely, securely and relatively inexpensively.

5 Things to Know When Hiring a Motorcycle Shipper

Motorcycle riders love to ride as much as possible, and we’d love it if you rode even more! We’re here to make it easy to attend out-of-state rallies with the help of a motorcycle shipper. Here, we will cover what you need to know about motorcycle shipping to help you have a safe and affordable trip.


  • Shipping a bike to an event or to your seasonal home is usually cheaper than driving there. Fuel, hotel bills and mechanical malfunctions can be expensive, and shippers work hard every day to make it affordable to ship your motorcycle.
  • Your motorcycle is handled with care, like it’s one of our own. Motorcycle shipping differs from traditional LTL (less than a load) freight services. The carrier understands that your bike is important cargo, and treats it as such. The motorcycle will be wheeled onto a custom pallet, and it will be tied down with soft but sturdy straps. The best part is—you don’t have to bring your keys and your helmet, as they are shipped with the bike.
  • You don’t have to go through the hassle of draining the bike of fluids and fuel. An auto shipper may ask you to drain all liquids, but they may not; it depends on the carrier you choose. We make every effort to work with shippers that focus on moving motorized vehicles such as sport bikes, scooters, trikes and Harleys.
  • You can reserve an entire truck for your rally event or your club at a significant discount. Are you and a group of friends planning a trip to Daytona or to Sturgis? If so, a motorcycle shipper can get your rides there safely and at a low cost. Riders can save 30% or more per motorcycle when a full truckload is booked. Most transporters provide you with a no-obligation auto transport quote.
  • With the help of a motorcycle shipper, you can outsmart the elements. You can take a leisurely flight or drive to the event, and your bike will arrive safe and sound. Motorcycle shipping makes it easy to take detours on the way to a destination, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

There are only a few ways to get a motorcycle to an event such as Bike Week—you can ride it there yourself, or you can have it shipped. While riding across the country may be a wonderful adventure, it can leave you vulnerable to breakdowns and other issues. By shipping your bike to the event, it will be ready when you arrive—and you’ll have more time to have fun.