Military Auto Shipping

Many auto transport companies will offer a military discount, that gives money off to any men or women who served in our armed forces. Each discount is different for each auto transportation company. In order to receive a discount for shipping, you must provide valid military ID.

Some auto shipping companies will only transport certain military vehicles. Other companies may let you ship just about any vehicle. Since military members often travel from one location to another on short notice, it is important to find a reliable shipping company when on a tight deadline. At Direct Connect Auto Shipping, we are experts with military and POV transport, getting your vehicles where they need to be at the time they need to be there.

Some of the requirements with shipping your POV with our car carriers are: only one POV will be paid for to be shipped by the U.S. government, the POV must be shipped to a military station and not any other locations, nothing can be inside the vehicle that can move around unless permanently installed, no flammable or hazardous materials, no liquids, no items of high value, etc. To see the full list of shipping requirements from Direct Connect Auto, click here.

Here at Direct Connect Auto, we have over 20 years of experience in Military Auto Shipping. We have shipped everywhere from the continental U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska to even overseas. Wherever your vehicle needs to be, we can get it there! Contact Direct Connect today to get a free quote for your Military Auto Shipping.