Dishonest Types From a Car Finance Guy

As always, with anything you buy you have to watch out for scams. According to Direct Connect Auto Transport, This is unfortunately no different with purchasing cars, and many people who do not research common scams are usually the ones who are left with a bad deal! The auto transporter, Direct Connect Auto, is a reliable car source with over 20 years of automobile transportation services. They know the ins and outs of both auto transportation and auto dealerships. Make sure you always research the car and car dealership before deciding on purchasing a car. The finance guys at car dealerships have a reputation of not only being pushy but also trying to make a quick sale – even if it means leaving out some vital information.

Below are some of the Top Scams Seen From a Car Finance Guy:


  1. Title Washing – Title washing means the title of the car was “washed” with the transfer of the car to another state that didn’t notice the salvage brand. Many vehicles are salvaged that were in previous natural disasters like hurricanes, where the car ended up being salvaged with major flood damage. This could be very dangerous for the buyer, especially if the vehicle is not functioning correctly.
  2. Finance Guy Gives False Lowball Price – The dealer will give you the lowest price and ask if you can find the price elsewhere at other dealers (who cannot match it that low.) The finance guy will say he just has to talk to his manager, who will end up not being able to approve of the low price. This is when they will get you into the store to pressure you into purchasing the car at a higher price.
  3. Unnecessary Add-ons – A lot of finance guys will try to include add-ons that you do not need. These are often very profitable for the dealer, but the car buyer actually does not need them at all. These add-ons commonly include: fabric protection, paint protection, rust proofing, undercoating and VIN etching.
  4. Not Including Equipment That Was In The Contract – The dealership could have made an error, but this is another common scam that helps them save money. Whether the contract included car mats, navigation systems or keyless entry – you should have every add-on that was said to be included.

When you have decided on a car to purchase after doing much-needed research, you can have Direct Connect Auto move cars to your desired location, whether it is close or 1,000 miles away! They provide both open and enclosed auto transportation services based on your individual needs. So when purchasing a new car, be aware of the possible dealership tricks and rely on Direct Connect Auto for small to large vehicle shipping.