Car Safety Features Change the Auto Industry

Car Safety features that are put in the new cars are saving lives, but it comes with a price! Unfortunately, these new safety features are often doubling the price of repair bills. These advanced safety features, many known as ADAS, are available in reduced cost packages and are rated high in safety ratings. They can reduce the risk of accidents, and are highly effective at keeping passengers in the vehicle safe. Our automobile transport experts at Direct Connect Auto Transport value the safety features in new vehicles as they can prevent many expensive on-road incidents.

Certain car features like blind-spot detection can cost as much as $3,000 in repair bills. These advanced safety features are more common today like lane departure warning, collision warning, and automatic braking just to name a few. If a person is in a minor fender bender or the mirror is destroyed, according to AAA, destroying a sensor from ADAS technology can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,300. This is not a very affordable option for car owners and can put many people into a financial burden.

Drivers can experience car safety in a new car – but at a steep price. Many new car buyers are passing up on these features only because they are expensive. As more people start to purchase these new features, we should see the price go down. Drivers should still feel as safe as they can in their own car. Some of the new car features are not as necessary like voice controls or backup cameras. Some of the backup cameras provide a cloudy view anyway, and drivers are advised to turn their heads before relying on the backup camera. If you purchase a new car with the top safety features, reliable enclosed auto transport is a small price to pay for the additional vehicle safety from Direct Connect.

As technology changes, we will begin to see more people adopting these features into cars which will make the prices drop. However, features like automatic braking and collision warnings top the list of safety features that should be in every car. Although they are not yet legally required to be in cars, we may see changes within the next few years regarding safety features. With reliable auto transport services from Direct Connect Auto, you can have your new car shipped to your location and have reliable new safety features for safer driving.