5 Things to Know When Hiring a Motorcycle Shipper

Motorcycle riders love to ride as much as possible, and we’d love it if you rode even more! We’re here to make it easy to attend out-of-state rallies with the help of a motorcycle shipper. Here, we will cover what you need to know about motorcycle shipping to help you have a safe and affordable trip.


  • Shipping a bike to an event or to your seasonal home is usually cheaper than driving there. Fuel, hotel bills and mechanical malfunctions can be expensive, and shippers work hard every day to make it affordable to ship your motorcycle.
  • Your motorcycle is handled with care, like it’s one of our own. Motorcycle shipping differs from traditional LTL (less than a load) freight services. The carrier understands that your bike is important cargo, and treats it as such. The motorcycle will be wheeled onto a custom pallet, and it will be tied down with soft but sturdy straps. The best part is—you don’t have to bring your keys and your helmet, as they are shipped with the bike.
  • You don’t have to go through the hassle of draining the bike of fluids and fuel. An auto shipper may ask you to drain all liquids, but they may not; it depends on the carrier you choose. We make every effort to work with shippers that focus on moving motorized vehicles such as sport bikes, scooters, trikes and Harleys.
  • You can reserve an entire truck for your rally event or your club at a significant discount. Are you and a group of friends planning a trip to Daytona or to Sturgis? If so, a motorcycle shipper can get your rides there safely and at a low cost. Riders can save 30% or more per motorcycle when a full truckload is booked. Most transporters provide you with a no-obligation auto transport quote.
  • With the help of a motorcycle shipper, you can outsmart the elements. You can take a leisurely flight or drive to the event, and your bike will arrive safe and sound. Motorcycle shipping makes it easy to take detours on the way to a destination, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

There are only a few ways to get a motorcycle to an event such as Bike Week—you can ride it there yourself, or you can have it shipped. While riding across the country may be a wonderful adventure, it can leave you vulnerable to breakdowns and other issues. By shipping your bike to the event, it will be ready when you arrive—and you’ll have more time to have fun.

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